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Rataran is a revolutionary Fintech company transforming the ordinary Asset Management model with a totally different approach.

Rataran is the virtual trading plaza where the most talented traders can compete in our contests to reachthe top positions of our ranking, by posting their investment ideas. Thanks to proprietary algorithms, we are selecting the most resilient traders with the best Risk/Reward ratio.

One of the strengths of our model is the Gamification approach: a jump into the future from the oldish trading contest. Rataran moved ahead, without assigning a virtual capital to each trader, relieving him from any performance-related stress; looking, instead, for consistent trading methodologies, not for capital allocation skills.

Rataran turns a “common trader” into an "automatic trading system" by reducing his human and emotional behavior, enhancing his trading methodology.

For instance, a consistent trader with a 65% trading success rate but highly emotional, could jeopardize his performance by allocating a large percentage of his capital to the 35% of his negative ideas, not believing enough in his potential.

Rataran works by setting up several rolling contest in order to select the Top 10 traders through its own proprietary Risk Management tools. The trading ideas posted in the Rataran Contest by the selected trader are replicated in the Rataran products (e.g. Rataran Certificate).

Avoiding any mutual influence, the traders concur in making the methodology resilient. Independent traders, together with strict volatility criteria, deliver a powerful Risk Management Tool, which is fundamental in the making of an above-average performance.

In Rataran, the best traders stand out of the crowd, gain visibility and are rewarded with a fee tied to the Rataran products’ performance.

Join Rataran and start your competition!